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The Most Delicious Italian Dessert Is Now A Cupcake!

The classic Italian dessert, Tiramisu, is almost everybody's favorite. What if you're craving for some Tiramisu but you don't want to spend that much time making it? Well, you can now make a Tiramisu dessert, but in its cupcake version! This recipe makes 4 cupcakes which are so perfect if you're only eating it by yourself.

These Tiramisu Cupcakes are made up of vanilla cupcakes and that will be your base. In the regular tiramisu dessert, lady fingers are soaked in espresso-Kahlua soak, while in this version, you're going to drizzle this syrup into your cupcakes. Additionally, in the regular tiramisu, there is a creamy layer of mascarpone in between each lady fingers. We're going to skip that part, but we're going to make a mascarpone frosting to complete these cupcakes. To make it more flavorful, top the cupcake with chocolate-covered espresso bean!

Source: dessertfortwo.com
The Most Delicious Italian Dessert Is Now A Cupcake!
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