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These Are Your Favorite Sandwich, In Cupcake Form

Don't you love peanut butter and jelly sandwich as a kid? I'm crazy about them! I can still remember how my mom used to make it. It's actually my favorite school and afternoon snack! This is why I literally went crazy when I found out about peanut butter and jelly cupcakes!

These are your favorite PB&J sandwich but in cupcake form. When you bite into these cupcakes, you will be reminded of peanut butter cookies! These cupcakes are moist and dense with pieces of chopped peanuts studded throughout. Then, they are topped with a delicious and creamy peanut buttercream frosting. Finally, add a dollop of jelly or jam on top of each.

If you have a preferred jam or jelly, feel free to use whatever you'd like. You can also fill each cupcake with jam or jelly all the way to the bottom by making a hole in each cupcake.

Source: browneyedbaker.com
These Are Your Favorite Sandwich, In Cupcake Form
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