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These Chocolate Banana Cupcakes Will Blow Your Mind

I say this before, but I'll say it again: you can never go wrong with a chocolate banana dessert.

I've loved any dessert that has a chocolate-banana combination. These two flavors are so perfect together that I crave for them all the time. I'm lucky because I came across this easy cupcake recipe.

These cupcakes are moist and soft. The chocolate and banana flavor don't overpower each other and you'll have a taste of the two flavors equally. In case you didn't know, these cupcakes are vegan! They are already delicious as it is, but if you'd like some topping on it, you can simply top with a chocolate glaze, or a peanut butter frosting, or a Butterfinger Swiss meringue buttercream! Any frosting would work, just make sure to choose the right one!

Source: thenovicechefblog.com
These Chocolate Banana Cupcakes Will Blow Your Mind
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