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These Cupcakes Are A Must For The Holidays

What are your favorite holiday desserts? There is a lot to choose from! But, we all know that Christmas is the perfect time for cupcakes and all things minty! So, this recipe will show you the must cupcakes for Christmas!

These chocolate candy cane cupcakes are absolutely delicious! Using an easy devil's food cake mix, add in sour cream and buttermilk to have moist and soft cupcakes. Then, they are made even better with a rich and minty chocolate peppermint frosting. Finally, top with crushed candy canes for color and crunch! Aren't these cupcakes the best Christmas treat yet?

Additionally, if you want that crunch and flavor coming from the candy canes, add them into the cupcake batter but don't finely crush them! Cut these candy canes half an inch short and mix them into the batter. But, if you'd like to make the cupcakes simple and just chocolate flavor, leave them as they are!

Source: yourcupofcake.com
These Cupcakes Are A Must For The Holidays
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