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These Cupcakes Are A Must This Groundhog Day!

Groundhog day is a very special holiday we celebrate to welcome the spring season! Spring is my favorite time of the year, which is why I would like to share this recipe for Groundhog day cupcakes with all of you!

Doing this is easy peasy! Start with chocolate cupcakes as the base. You can use any recipe that you like, but if you don't have any recipe, an easy chocolate cupcake recipe is found in this entire recipe. The cupcakes are then topped with a simple buttercream frosting, which is mounted on top of each cupcake and covered with crushed chocolate wafers.

To make the actual groundhog, you will need Reese's, candies like Hershey's drops and M&M. They will act as the face, cheeks and paws, and ears, respectively. Then, to add more details, use chocolate-covered sunflower seeds, mini marshmallows, and candy eyes. Everyone will go crazy over these adorable cupcakes!

Source: bakerella.com
These Cupcakes Are A Must This Groundhog Day!
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