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These Cupcakes Are Going To Be The Star Of Your Christmas Table

When we're hosting a Christmas party, we want to impress our guests. So, we go all out in cooking and baking our Christmas feast. And if you're looking for the perfect Christmas dessert, these cupcakes are it.

These Christmas tree cupcakes are all about the decoration, so you can use any cupcake flavor you'd like. But make sure to make cupcakes that are dense, more pound-cake than fluffy because you have to top them with Christmas tree decorations. Once you have prepared the cupcakes, go ahead and decorate them. You will need sugar cones, white candy melts, white sugar crystals, frosting, pink sugar crystals, candy canes, fondant, icing colors, snowflake sprinkles, and confetti sprinkles. Yes, those are all you need just for the decoration! Once you've prepared all the ingredients, make the Christmas trees and add them on top of each cupcake!

Additionally, if you don't prefer dense cakes, you can make the following adjustment to your Christmas trees. Skip the candy canes, use the entire sugar cone and make big trees. Now, you don't have to worry about them to tumble!

Source: bakerella.com
These Cupcakes Are Going To Be The Star Of Your Christmas Table
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