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These Cupcakes Are Rainbows In Your Mouth!

Have you ever imagined eating rainbows for dessert? You're lucky because this recipe will show you the cutest and fluffiest cupcake ever made!

These rainbow cupcakes use a simple vanilla cupcake batter with sprinkles in it. You can add more sprinkles if you'd like. In my opinion, more sprinkles will make these cupcakes brighter. Once you've baked the cupcakes, it's time for decorating!

You can make the rainbow by baking rainbow cookies. Then, add some fluffy clouds to make these cupcakes cuter. You need to use your imagination in decorating these cupcakes! Also, use whatever you have on hand. You don't have to use the ingredients listed in the recipe to make these decorations.

To make these cupcakes ready for St. Patrick's day, sprinkle a few gold wrapped chocolate coins on the tabletop and you are all set for the occasion!

Source: bakerella.com
These Cupcakes Are Rainbows In Your Mouth!
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