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These Cupcakes Will Make Your Day Even More Fun!

Whenever I see sprinkles, I became happy. Who wouldn't be happy to see colorful sprinkly candies? They are just so cheerful, colorful, and will totally make your day brighter! This is why I use sprinkles in desserts whenever I can!

If you're a vanilla and sprinkles lover, you will go crazy over these adorable cupcakes! Start with vanilla cupcakes as the base. These cupcakes are light, soft, and they melt in your mouth! Of course, these cupcakes are filled with colorful sprinkles. Then, they are made even better with a delicious cream cheese frosting. Finally, top with more sprinkles for garnish!

Additionally, you can top these cupcakes with any frosting that you like. Vanilla buttercream frosting, chocolate buttercream frosting, or whipped cream frosting would be a great choice as well!

Source: recipegirl.com
These Cupcakes Will Make Your Day Even More Fun!
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