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These Gift Box Cupcakes Are Too Adorable To Eat

I have never seen a gift box cupcake until now. They are so adorable, cute, and the perfect "gift" for your loved ones!

This decorating tutorial is all you need to make these cute cupcakes! But first, remember that these aren't going to be baked in your regular cupcake pan. You will need a 9 by 13-inch cake pan. As for the liners, you need to pinch the liners to create four corners. Baking them in a cake pan will help them keep a square shape.

For the cupcakes itself, you can use any flavor you'd like, as long as they're delicious. Once the cupcakes are baked, you can go ahead and decorate them. There are actually plenty of ways to decorate them. One is to frost them with buttercream frosting first, then roll them in white decorating sugar. Then, decorate them however you want.

Another way to decorate them is by using fondant or sugar paste. This might take a while since you have to measure and cut, but it will look beautiful as well.

Source: hellocupcakebook.com
These Gift Box Cupcakes Are Too Adorable To Eat
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