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These Toppers Are So Perfect For Your Christmas Cupcakes

Your Christmas desserts will never be complete if you don't make it so festive. So, it's a must to decorate everything that you cook or bake and make them Christmas ready. This recipe will show you how to make the cutest cupcake toppers ever!

Fondant making is really challenging, but if you really want to make something out of it, it'll be easier for you. Just one tip when working with fondant, make sure that they are at room temperature because it will be easier to mold, roll, and cut them. Also, make sure to roll them in the perfect thickness and 1/4-inch thick is usually best. Finally, the fondant is really delicate. One mistake, it might crack or tear. You have to be careful with the fondant and treat them as something precious to you. Don't worry because once you've done all the precautions and followed the steps in making the cupcake toppers, you'll have the perfect decoration for your cupcakes!

Source: cakewhiz.com
These Toppers Are So Perfect For Your Christmas Cupcakes
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