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This Is The Cupcake Version Of An Italian Dessert

If you love the classic Italian dessert tiramisu, I'm sure you’d want to try a cupcake version of this.

Using a simple white cake mix, you’re able to bake your very own tiramisu cupcakes! These cupcakes are called coffee cupcakes because the coffee mixture is added into the cupcakes and then baked. There might be other tiramisu cupcake recipes you'll see online wherein they brush the coffee mixture on top of each cupcake until they are soaked, just like a traditional tiramisu dessert. For this recipe, it's a much easier process since the coffee is already part of the batter.

These cupcakes are filled with a mascarpone filling and topped with whipped cream frosting. Garnish these cupcakes with chocolate shavings and cocoa powder.

If you can find chocolate-covered espresso beans, add that on top instead of the chocolate shavings for more coffee flavor!

Source: yourcupofcake.com
This Is The Cupcake Version Of An Italian Dessert
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