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This One Way To Make Vanilla Cupcakes Something Special

We can all agree that vanilla cupcakes are one of the most basic cupcake flavors. Aside from being well-known and loved by many, vanilla cupcakes are easy to make at home with few ingredients.

If it’s just a vanilla cupcake and a buttercream, it might be boring for a few people and most especially for kids.

This recipe will show you how you can make a vanilla cupcake extra special.

To make these cupcakes special (and Easter ready!), you’ll have to add a filling into each cupcake. This salted caramel filling makes these vanilla cupcakes even better. Plus, the salted caramel buttercream will complete this delicious dessert! You can also decorate these cupcakes with an Easter theme. You can add a bunny cupcake topper or just Whopper’s mini Robin’s eggs.

Additionally, if you just wanted to bake these cupcakes without any occasion, you can drizzle them with a bit of caramel sauce!

Source: americanheritagecooking.com
This One Way To Make Vanilla Cupcakes Something Special
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